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You can make life-long friends on this forum because it’s full of some of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet. You can also make lifelong enemies as we do suffer the occasional troll so be slow to trust anyone and even slower to give away any personal details including your first name, street name or place of work etc. if you are in any doubt about any of the rules please email


  1. No rude jokes of any kind. If your joke wouldn’t get read out on Blue Peter please don’t post it here. You’ll quickly get banned if you ignore this rule
  2. If someone sends you a Private Message (PM) never post their comments into the main forum area. It’s an instant ban for that
  3. Do not reveal any forum member's true identity to anyone else via any medium (either in public, private, online or offline) without express permission from the forum member concerned. Depending on the context this could result in an instant ban.
  4. Do not post anyone's real name without their permission beforehand


  1. No cliquey banter in the “Talk about Royton” forum. Your comments will be deleted if they are cliquey. If you find yourself in a topic going back and forward in a constant stream of matey banter with 1 other person it’s really quite boring for others to read. So don’t do it. Stay on topic.
  2. Stay strictly on topic in the “Talk about Royton” forum. If you want to talk about something else please start a new topic
  3. No swearing and no disguising swear words using symbols eg. F*** or other symbols.
  4. Be nice or go somewhere else


  1. Only 1 forum account per person
  2. You agree not to post any accusations of illegal activity regarding any other individual or organisation
  3. Strictly no correcting other people's spelling or grammar
  4. If you copy & paste any text from another source you must provide a link to the original source
  5. If you are a local councillor or a candidate or you have ever been a councillor or a candidate you must use your first and last name as your forum username. If you have a title eg "Cllr" then you must also use that as part of your username. The same applies if you are an MP or have ever stood to be elected as an MP


  1. Make topic titles descriptive
  2. If posting a link to an article please describe the link and/or post a quote from the article in question
  3. If posting a link to a video, add a brief description of the content
  4. No animated GIFs for your avatar


  1. No posting images of a sexual or risque nature


Opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of I Love Royton or any individuals directly or indirectly involved in this website or individuals associated with it. No responsibility is taken or assumed for any comments or statements made on this online forum. Your personal information will be kept private except to comply with applicable laws or valid legal reasons.

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