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#1 12.Sep.17 20:06:01


How to report something lost or found

  1. Click REGISTER at the top of this forum and follow the instructions

  2. Your confirmation email should arrive within 10 minutes and may end up in your spam folder

  3. Return to this forum and create a new topic in the Lost & Found forum

  4. Add an optional photo by following these instructions

  5. Your post will then be copied across to the ILR Facebook page automatically within 15-30 minutes

[citation needed]


#2 29.Dec.17 22:32:24


Re: How to report something lost or found

Hi guys

I lost my Rose Gold Apple Watch in Royton today in the vicinity of the Park Street car park around 12.30ish. I know this is a long shot but just wondering if anyone found it and  handed it in anywhere?


#3 29.Dec.17 23:17:16


Re: How to report something lost or found

Hi Cazzafazza, try starting a new topic under the heading of Lost and Found and you should find it carries across to I Love Royton.
I hope you find your watch smile

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