Yes and no, it’s all about the context.

ILR blocked someone from commenting a couple of weeks ago as we felt that his debating style wasn't inline with what we are trying to achieve on here (an open and honest exchange of a wide variety of different views whilst maintaining a relaxed vibe to the discussions). He wasn't abusive, aggressive or rude and he previously made some good contributions. His politics were not far-right or far-left, his opinions were not the reason for him being blocked.
Later that day the candidates for the local election were published and it turned out that the person who had just been blocked from ILR was the Royton North UKIP candidate.
Today someone claimed on here that we had banned the UKIP candidate so we wanted to clarify that yes we have but it was before we knew that he was a UKIP candidate.
Update: A "John King" challenged ILR on this banning but was banned for apparently using a fake account. He has declined the option to provide ID proof to regain access to ILR.