1 week before local elections (2019) who do think will win?

Would you like the St George’s Day flags to stay up longer than 2 days? 26 April 2019

Do you want Tommy Robinson to do well in the 2019 EU elections? 25 April 2019

Which local party made the best statement regarding protecting our local greenbelt? 25 April 2019

2 weeks before local elections 2019 who do you want to win? 19 April 2019

Facebook have banned EDL, BNP, National Front, Nick Griffin and others from their platform. Do you support or oppose these bans? 18 April 2019

Do you prefer the zebra crossing or would you rather it be changed to a pelican crossing? 12 April 2019

Do you prefer cashiers to put the £5 note in the palm of your hand and then pile your coins on top of the £5 note or do you prefer getting the coins in the palm of your hand first and then take the £5 note between your finger and thumb? 12 April 2019

Do you support ILR banning people in the comments making sweeping generalisations about entire communities or races of people? 6 April 2019