We asked for your positive comments about who to vote for. The most popular comment (8 likes) in favour of Labour was:

"I will be voting in Royton North for Clinton Phythian , because he is a hard working local man, who cares about his community."

The most popular comment (3 lkes) for UKIP was:

"I’ll be voting UKIP again"

The most popular comment (1 like) for Conservatives was:

"Allan Fish Conservative, lower council tax, help with getting yobs or idiots off the streets, save the greenbelt (otherwise why live in Royton) get my bins emptied quicker."

Lib Dem's most popular comment (1 like) was:

"I'm thinking Russell Gosling because if I remember correctly regarding the initial bombshell about the Royton Greenbelt grab, it was the lib dems who immediately voiced their opposition, whereas with the others their opposition I think have been voiced nearer to election time."

The 3 highest rate comments on the "Who NOT to vote for are as follows:"

Paul Fearns No excuse not to vote. If you’re eligible, you should vote! But don’t vote for any of the main stream party’s who are betraying the 17.4 million people who voted leave (16)

Clare Louise Wiener People should NOT vote Labour. I think I've aired my reasons plenty so I'm not going to go on and on. Move over Labour time for a change (although sadly I think I'll wake up disappointed in Friday!). (9)