Here is a tiny collection of some of the random acts of kindness carried out by Roytoners every day.
The Bulls Head in Heyside provided a Christmas day meal for District Nurses. See photo here.

Kathryn H: Just seen 2 lads in high-vis clothing stop the traffic near the halfway house to help 2 elderly ladies cross the road safely. Such a lovely gesture, well done lads
Zoe C: My 7 year old daughter visited a house with a sign which read "help yourself, we're out trick or treating". They're tub was empty, so she tipped her booty into their dish for others to help themselves. Melted my heart.
Sarah L: I was on Bullcote Park tonight at about 8pm with my 2 year old son. There were 2 boys there probably about 13 years old. One was called Callum but not sure about the other one. Anyway, they were the lovliest kids ever. Playing with my son, helping him so do the things he couldnt manage to do himself and so so polite. In a world where theres so many negative stories about people in think its important to talk about the good things too. X
Lindsey L: Today I was on my break from work walking through the precinct and saw a man struggling to carry things he has bought from Graham’s and dropped stuff and a lovely young lad from the card factory saw this and came running out with a carrier bag for him it was lovely to see well done
Laura N: My mums dog was knocked down on Oldham road near St. Cuthberts. We’re trying to find the people who helped my son take him to the vet. There was a woman from Royton who drove them to the vets. And a man who stayed with my son. If anybody knows anything can you please let us know.
Paul M: To the kind lady in the black SUV in Royton Precinct car park this morning around 11:30, who very nicely waited for me to get out of my car to tell me that my reversing light wasn't working. Thank you very much. There wasn't really anything wrong with it, some dirt had got into the connection in the wiring and bulb holder causing a lose connection, I had it sorted before I left the car. Thank you again. It was very nice of you.