Royton & Crompton’s family practice sent a text message to all "at risk" patients saying "You should not be collecting your medication from the pharmacy. Queues outside some of the chemists are up to an hour long, and you are putting yourself at risk. "

The text message goes on to say that pharmacies are overwhelmed with the increased demand. I have gathered a list of local pharmacies who have expanded their home delivery services to meet any increase in demand. They have all assured me that they can very easily hire more drivers if demands continues to increase (taxi drivers are very quiet at the moment and can be easily hired by independent pharmacies as delivery drivers).

The dedicated staff in those branches are working their very hardest to serve their customers but they are not being supported by head office. Well pharmacy has almost 800 branches in the UK and their phone system was "overwhelmed" (customers were getting cut off from the phone queue).

Any patient with any prescription from any GP surgery can phone any of the numbers below and in most cases your prescription can be delivered to your door within 24-hours. If your prescription has already been dispensed (packaged and labelled) it could take 48 hours for them to cancel & re-issue the prescription.

It just takes 1 quick phonecall. The patient doesn’t have to call, you can call on any patient's behalf.

  • GoTo Pharmacy in Chadderton 0161 624 3470
  • Lifestyle pharmacy in High Crompton 01706 841 391
  • Chadderton Pharmacy 0161 620 6911
  • Imaan Pharmacy Werneth 0161 624 1229

I spoke with the managers at Market Square Pharmacy and my understanding is that they are keeping up with demand but they are not wanting ILR to push their service to too many new customers at this stage. The managers of Market Square Pharmacy are very welcome to correct me on this situation.

Some questions answered
  • Is it easy to switch? Yes, you just call your chosen new pharmacy, give them your name and address and that's it. They will do the rest
  • Do I need to inform my existing pharmacy? No
  • What about my repeat prescriptions? They will all be carried over to your new pharmacy
  • How quickly can the new pharmacy delivery my prescription? In most cases they will deliver on the next working day. Some will delivery the same-day. Sometimes within an hour if it's emergency (you've run out of life-saving medication).
  • What if my prescription has already been dispensed? If you prescription is ready and waiting for you to collect with your address label already stuck onto it then it will take up to 48 hours to have that prescription re-issued to your new pharmacy.
  • Are there any legal or ethical considerations to switching pharmacy? You are the customer and you are in complete control of who you want to dispense your prescription at all stages.
  • If you need to collect something from any local pharmacy please see www.RoytonMutualAid.com for various methods of asking a volunteer to do that for you.

Here is some key info about the situation with prescriptions here in Royton

  • People aged 70-80+ are currently breaking their isolation to queue outside Royton’s pharmacies.
  • Market Square Pharmacy on the corner of the precinct is currently meeting the demand of their customers. Their phone lines are working properly, they are meeting the demand for home delivery and they can expand if demand for home delivery increases.
  • Well+ Pharmacy have 700+ branches in the UK and their telephone systems were overwhelmed and their home delivery service couldn’t keep up with demand.
  • Well+ pharmacy's Park St manager, Nicholas, told me that he wants all patients aged over 70 to stay away from his pharmacy and he has expanded his home delivery effort so that he can offer home delivery to all over 70s