I made an appeal for local pharmacies with unlimited home delivery capacity and received this last night. "Cathedral Pharmacy in Chadderton are an independent pharmacy established for over 10 years. We visit Royton daily for deliveries and can cope absolutely fine with any increase in demand for home deliveries. We have ties with the local Drs surgeries and have good relationships with the current pharmacies in Royton. We also have the free masks initiative to help the vulnerable and elderly by delivering free face masks to them and also offering them paracetamol tablets if they cannot afford/go out for them."

I’ve added Cathedral Pharmacies to the page below

Remember, Royton & Crompton family practise advice is, "You should not be collecting your medication from the pharmacy. Queues outside some of the chemists are up to an hour long, and you are putting yourself at risk."

If your existing pharmacy is unable to offer home delivery of your prescription you are free to use any other pharmacy. It only takes 1 quick and easy phonecall.