ILR is sending 10 fruit pies to Oldham Hospital every week during April. We are taking donations to increase the number of pies being sent to the hospital and other key workers locally.

If you want to nominate a pie for anyone in Royton please send £5 per pie to us at (please tick the box for "friend & family" or we get charged fees) and don’t forget to specify who you would like the pie to go to in the comments box at PayPal

Here is a list of pies we have sent out so far.

  • 2 April 2020: 10 fruit pies sent to Oldham hospital for all staff
  • 3 April 2020: 2 fruit pies sent to MJ’s premier discount on Flake lane, 1 pie sent to Mepsy’s shop at end of Dogford park, 2 pies sent to Royton Health & Wellbeing centre
  • 10 April: 15 pies to Oldham Hospital with special requests for: laundry, switchboard, micro-biology, haematology, and maternity wards. 5 pies were also sent to all staff at Royton Health & Wellbeing centre. 1 pie was sent to staff at Royton medical centre. 1 pie for each of Royton’s pharmacies. 1 pie for staff at Dr Kershaw’s. 1 pie for staff at Tandle View Court. 1 pie for staff at Runnymede court. 1 pie for staff at Royley House care home. 1 pie for Kath Beaver from the Village Chippy who recently delivered loads of free delicious home-made food to local vulnerable Roytoners. 1 pie to Woodcock’s butchers on the precint. 1 pie to Shane’s Quality Meats on Roman Rd. 2 pies for staff at Royton’s co-op. 2 pies for staff at Royton’s LIDL. 1 pie for Katy (ILR follower) who sang happy birthday for someone’s 18th birthday. 1 pie for sg (woohoo, thanks!). We failed to deliver 1 pie to all staff at St Anne’s Primary school and 1 pie for all staff at Royton Hall primary school because they were closed so can you send me an address of a local staff member who I can drop them off with please?